Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile phones are inarguably the staple modern device to humankind. With all the constant updates in the mobile technology, cellphones don’t only serve as a means of communication anymore, but as means of expression, entertainment, and even employment. Many people worldwide rely on their mobile phones to perform work-related tasks.

Whatever your purpose is for getting a new phone, there are two main questions to ask. Would you go for prepaid or postpaid? While a prepaid is preferred by some, many people would rather obtain their phones on contract because of two great reasons:

1. Take control of your credits. The biggest drawback we can see with prepaid services is that the credits may tend to run out when we need them most, and you have to buy them each time you are going to use them. With a contract, on the other hand, you’ll always have credits to use as long as you pay your bills on time. You can also define your usage at the beginning of the contract and manage the services that you want. You can also take advantage of cheaper call and text rates compared to pay as you go.

2. Buy a phone you like even when you’re short of cash. If like the majority of the population, you don’t have the cash needed to buy the phone you want, a contract is best to use your desired handset and avail credits all at the same time. In addition, you can lay your hands on the newest models which are yet to be sold elsewhere.

However, despite having all the reasons to apply for a mobile contract, getting approved is another story. Not everyone is eligible for the device or data plan that they want because of credit checks that they failed to pass. If you are one of these people, here are some things you can do to get a bad credit cellphone contract.


Apply for Sim-Only Contracts

Sim-Only Contracts are perfect if you’re already contented with your current phone or if you’re looking to get one outside of a plan. Not only are sim-only contracts easier to get approved for, but they can give you the best rates for your calls and texts.

Apply With the Network Providers Directly

By applying directly with mobile network providers, your chances of approval will be greatly increased, mainly because they can offer you alternatives which would otherwise not be possible with third party retailers. Despite the differences in their credit checking criteria, these companies are willing to negotiate and offer reasonable options for those with bad credit.

Do Not Apply for Expensive Phones

Simply put, the more expensive the phone is, the harder it is to get approved, and if you already are in a bad credit situation, you might as well not bother. If you’re a heavy user and you think a contract can give you more call and text credits at a lower price, then you might want to overlook the gadget given together with the plan. If you seriously are into a contract because of the convenience, you might have to explore other ways to get your desired phone, like financing.

No Credit Check Contract Phones

A great option for people with bad credit is to apply for a mobile phone contract with no credit checks. It may seem unlikely or even impossible that such a network exists. And your suspicions would be justified. For a long time such pay monthly plans were all but a myth, but today there is genuinely a network out there which promises to offer contract phones with no credit checks. That network is GoMobile. They claim that you can get a guaranteed mobile phone contract through their network which does not do a credit check. However, we would advise you to be cautious. It seems a lot of people are still being rejected by them. So do your research and understand you are still no guaranteed acceptance.

Consider Phones on Finance

If getting a cellphone through a contract is virtually impossible, then financing would be a much welcome alternative. With financing, you can get a sim-free handset payable monthly on installment basis. If you want the best of both worlds, get your dream mobile phone through financing and sign-up for a sim-only contract.

Prepare Sufficient Deposit

In some cases, especially if the phone you’re looking for is rather expensive, a deposit may be necessary to limit your provider’s risk. This requires a certain down payment which you couldn’t withdraw until after you have paid on time consistently for a predetermined period, or until after your contract has ended.

Ask Someone to be Your Cosigner

If you know someone whose credit is in good condition, you can ask him/her to become your cosigner. A friend or relative who’s willing to look past your mistakes and give you another chance may be of great help serving as your guarantor in order for your application to get approved.